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Happy Power To You

Yes, We Can Get Satisfaction!

Enabling the experience of satisfying our needs and managing our resources

Decoding the automatic piloting of our 5 senses, 7 emotions and 3 universal stresses

Empowering to get the capacity to feel right, to think right, to do right and to remember right

Breaking the Boolean code of decision-making for responsible behavior and healthy satisfaction

Catching how the humain brain can process data in Space-Time with moral intelligence

The Matrix of Happy Power
Sobriety of the Body – Integrity of the Mind – Dignity of the Heart – Value of One’s Memory

Time To Wake Up and Get Your Happy Power Experience!

Welcome to the Happy Power To You website. Pleased to share “La Matrice de l’Expérience du Bonheur” and “La Carte Universelle des 7 Emotions” with you, that is to say the Happiness Experience Matrix or the Matrix of Happy Power, plus the Universal Map of the 7 Emotions. Hope this will get your attention…

Based on 250 clinical case studies, and after 30 years of fundamental research in satisfaction, empowerment and neuroscientific management, the Matrix of Happy Power breaks the Boolean code of decision-making and satisfaction management. By “decoding” our universal feeling machine (Dr Antonio DAMASIO), it sheds light on how our human brain can process data in Space – Time to improve our environmental experience of satisfying our needs and managing our resources.

As you will see in Part 2 of the Business Plan available on this website, the Matrix of Happy Power breaks the binary code of satisfaction management by enabling the power to Feel Right (good connection with real facts thanks to our 5 universal senses), to Think Right (right decision with human choice thanks to our 7 universal emotions), to Do Right (responsible behavior with healthy contact thanks to our 3 universal stresses) and to Remember Right (moral intelligence with sense of value in time thanks to memory).

In other words, the Matrix of Happy Power unravels the operating scheme of our universal organization in the area of individual satisfaction of our needs. By analyzing the key role and the automatic piloting of our 5 senses, 7 emotions and 3 universal stresses, it makes it possible to find out the keys or pattern to how “it can work” universally as regards the experience of the satisfaction of our internal needs, or the management of our environmental resources.

Born in 2018 in Marseille, International Satisfaction Association is a French start-up which aims to be an innovative player in the field of satisfaction management, social emotional education and health prevention, namely Social Emotional Learning (S.E.L) & Happy Empowerment, with a particular objective of reducing health expenses related to stress disorder, emotional pain and psychosocial risks. Moral leadership, responsible decision-making and sustainable consumption are also key issues in this new field of knowledge, connected with emotional neurosciences, environmental awareness and healthy management.

Indeed, on the cognitive-behavioral level, we can say that the Matrix of Happy Power brings to light a functioning pattern of our universal structure and personal organization to “better reload our batteries” in resources, or to “better fill our cup” of energy for the satisfaction of our needs. As you can see in Part 2 of the attached Business Plan, the Matrix of Happy Power and the Universal Map of the 7 Emotions also inform  about the role and impact of stress disorder on mental health and well-being, its biological realities and its psychosocial consequences (notions of “Stress of Life”, “Emotional Freezing” and “Stress Disorder” with dissociative disorder, compulsive behavior, pain denial and false beliefs).

The research on the universal structure of our individual functioning was inspired by Dr. Henri LABORIT, Dr. Hans SELYE, Dr. Roger SPERRY, Dr. Antonio DAMASIO, Dr. Joseph LEDOUX and Dr. Eric KANDEL (Nobel Prize). At a time when we must move from a society of consumption of external resources to a society of satisfaction of internal needs, this research opens up many opportunities and applications, particularly in the field of health prevention, management consulting, training and social emotional learning, as you will see in Part 1 of the attached Business Plan.

Consequently, Happy Power to You is also a brand committed to responsible, ecological and sustainable happiness in our societies. Faced with climate change, destructive behavior and moral disorder, the brand Happy Power to You suggests a new way to fill our cup, new educational tools to succeed in need fulfilment, in order to get a healthier balance between inner satisfaction and outer consumption.

Thanks to our partners, we are pleased to be able to share with you our Universal Map of the 7 Emotions and the Happiness Experience Matrix entirely free of charge. We hope these two educational, instructive and scientific tools will help you better understand the keys to satisfying needs, managing stress, orienting emotions and memorizing feelings.

Thanks to the companies and institutions that have agreed to actively support us, in a responsible and sustainable manner, in the social development of emotional education and health prevention worldwide. We salute their civic courage in this innovative domain of satisfaction management.



Please do not hesitate to contact us for digital projects, consulting demand or training programs we could develop in partnership in the above fields, in particular by exploiting the Matrix of Happy Power and the Universal Map of the 7 Emotions.

Thanks you for your attention. Please do not hesitate to share this website. Hope this may help.

Happy Power To You

« Happy Power or Stress Disorder? Let's Just Say The Power To Feel Right, The Power To Think Right, The Power To Do Right and The Power To Remember Right. »

Dr Henri LABORIT and Happy Power To You, Mr President!

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Happy Power to You is a brand of the International Satisfaction Association (I.S.A). As a quality brand, Happy Power to You aims to be both an educational brand for the general public and an environmentally responsible label of quality for businesses. Happy Power to You is a satisfaction management and happy empowerment brand based on the Happiness Experience Matrix.

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